2013 – First 4 Months

So far, 2013 has been really great.




  • Was able to genuinely make myself feel comfortable with my block after the Christmas break
  • Finally got my L watch back in exchange for a Starbucks getaway (+ a Life of Pi)
  • Hung out with my fave duo, Dee and Dan, so early into the new year–and twice!
  • Math group study (which wasn’t, really) succeeded in giving me a high LT grade
  • Numerous dates w momma <3
  • Ended the month with a shopping spree with Shar and Juls at Robinson’s Magnolia!




  • Four-day long weekend in lieu of our UAAP 5Peat win + our university’s President’s Day
  • Also, a great Valentines Day to remember (Harana and roses, all thanks to my male blockmates!)
  • California Day & Nail Spa pampering after the sweet Valentine lunch at Sweet Inspirations Cafe in Katip
  • Went to DLSU for their University Week, and was reunited with my high school friends!
  • Also got to takas inside their Henry Sy Library <3
  • Spontaneous Tagaytay overnight with the family!
  • Drove to IHOP with the fambam! US memories? :-)
  • Another date with the Duo at Starbucks + King Chef! <3




  • Finally got to try Moonleaf, LOL /loser me
  • Had someone bring me food while I was sick at night
  • First vendo machine purchase–Caramel Macchiato <3
  • Attended Joyce and Joelle’s stunning debuts, which also served as mini-reunions for high school friends
  • Tutored Kels at Serenitea Banawe for Ma11 and received a box of cupcakes from her the day after! Sweet girl :-)
  • Inah’s graduation lunch celebration at Kamayan-Dad’s-Saisaki! Saw Jia and later learned that another one of my friend was there as well!
  • Of course, the best summer vacation with the entire family–the Royal Caribbean cruise aboard The Legend of the Seas! <3




  • Got a good summer sem schedule! 9am-12pm everyday
  • No ta cha for me the whole summer sem, either! Plus, got to lunch at the car with my little brother on the way to Pasay hehe
  • Greeka Kouzina for Dad’s birthday dinner
  • Found out from the eye doctor that my grade didn’t shoot up <3
  • Randomly went to BGC with the fam! Love that place forever
  • Had a Barbie marathon! Ahh, childhood! Will never tire of dreaming about ballet :-)
  • Got my driver’s license!
  • Another malling sesh with my Duo (although I would have to say I don’t remember much about this anymore, hahahaha)
  • Surprised a box of J.co for my mom!
  • HS4-4 mini reunion! Karaoke + beer, mmm
  • Movie marathon with my cousins! (No scary movies though, boohoo)

And these are just based on my phone’s calendar… What more those that happened, but weren’t recorded! AHH, I just have too much things to be thankful for. This year has so much more in store for me, I know it! Love you, God! Now help me build the sturdy bridge I used to have to get to You? :-) x

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